Monthly 3-6-9-12 Premium "Calendar Based" Predictions for "All State" Players.

Our 3-6-9-12 Exclusive 999 predictions lets you use just 3 combinations daily, or 6 combinations, or 9 combinations daily , or 12 combinations in your "all-state" plays.

****Check out our sample with some stats from October 2014****

(Note: sample has not yet been updated for new 2016 eclub)

This membership includes access to the Digital Strategy Silver Membership as a Bonus, FREE OF CHARGE!

Designed for use in non-computerized, mechanical ball drawings only.

Terms: $9.99 Club Registration Fee, includes 28-day Risk Free Trial, then $19.98 monthly, recurring until cancelled.

This membership is set to begin 1 October 2016.


Pick 4 Strategy (A $14.94 Value)


DD Grouper Strategy for Pick 4

The DD Group Strategy produces 6-12 combinations to focus on monthly in your non-computerized, mechanical ball lottery drawing. This strategy combines about four unique “number laws” to get a Pick 4 hit fast. Though it says “monthly”, hits are generally gotten in the same week, and some as early as draw #1!

There are 5 simple steps to follow to create your winning playsets.

Also, the strategy is expandable to producing two Pick 4 “trio” sets, or 20 combinations for even more wins.

Designed for the budget-minded player who also wants to win using as few as 6-12 combinations daily. If this is you, then pick up this strategy today because it is a winner!

Your Bonus is Available for Immediate Download.

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