FAQ: Are there instructions on how to use the ImageWeaver Predictions?

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The response was written on 6/02/2014.


Are there any instructions on how to use the Image Weaver?



There are no instructions given for using imageweaver predictions.

There are usually only two or three main combinations on the page, excluding those combinations listed in blue font which are just my interpretation of how the main combinations might fall. The combinations are useful in "all-state" plays because there is no way to know which states the dreams or image combinations may fall, but history has shown that some, if not all, of these combinations are falling usually within 1 to 3 days of posting.

It proves to be an excellent "reference" list of combinations that may fall "all-state" in a 3 day cycle. If you visit SBIP$999 prediction stats, where I mostly post imageweaver combinations, you will see that her prize ratio for the current year is at 55%. For online players, anything over 50% should indicate a profit because cost are generally only half of what LP uses to indicate a success, ie LP requires you paper wager $1 straight/box on all predictions, while playing online might cost you only 50 cents on the dollar for the same profit margin, since they pay $900 to $1 on a straight wager, instead of $500 to $1 in offline bets.

I call it a reference list because there will be a few straight pick 4 hits a month and lots of Pick 3 straights each month, and if you are using the imageweaver page, you get those straights without having to choose from 10,000 combinations in the Pick 4 or 1000 in the Pick 3.

Bottomline, for all state players, it is a way to essentially play for free if some or most of the combinations are used.

Finally, from time to time the sheet includes a combination that is guaranteed to fall (with about a 95% accuracy rate within three days of posting). This is generally posted at the bottom of the page and can be very lucrative for "all-state" online players because it gives them just one combination to focus on in a three day period. It is listed under this heading at the bottom of the post:

999 Best “Pick of the Day” for Pick 34 for 3 Day Cycle (posted here are our 95.0% sure “all-state” single combination):

That's the long answer. The short answer is that it is a reference tool for all-state online players and useful for those in computerized drawings because it is not a lottery system based on natural number laws, but comes from paranormal images and dreams. That makes it a little different from our other lottery strategies which are all based on how numbers naturally manifest in this universe.

Good Luck Player!

Alternate Link: http://bit.ly/999faq_imageweaver

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