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If you want to get all our 999 “Individual State” Lottery Strategy books with flat-rate shipping, we have got you covered.

Or maybe you need “All State” Lottery Predictions monthly for your online plays, we offer the reliability and predictability of the calendar to help you win.


The 999 Lottery Players Club 34 is your One Stop Shop for your Pick 3 and Cash 4 lottery toolkit.

Ama Maynu, alias SBIP999, is your lottery strategist and calendar manipulator.

She’s been in the game since 2008, and has authored more than a few popular lottery strategy books for the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, including:


Pick 34


Pick 4

Pick 3

999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club 34 Volumes

  • Volume 1 [Book]: Featuring M1G-GT9 Lottery Strategy [Download] and the GT9 Difference Lottery Predictor [Download]
  • Volume 2 [Book]: Featuring Polar-MPA Pair Stretch Strategy [Download] and the GT9 Zero Pair Predictor [ Download]
  • Volume 3 [Book]: Featuring SD-ZERO-NR-GROUPER Strategy [Download] and Two Premium Lottery Pairs Charts for Pick 3 (The L2DP Pair Chart and the 2 Main Pairs for the Pick 3 Chart) [Book / Download]


Though our 999 Club is not accepting new members at this time, each of the above titles can be purchased directly from the Publisher at the links above, or visit our new Maynu Pubs South Online Bookstore for great deals on all 999 Book of Numbers titles, including downloads, books, lottery pair charts, monthly lottery predictions and weekly “doubles” for the Pick 3.

Monthly Lottery Predictions Available:


We offer bundle deals on a lot of our titles to help you save big.


Maynu Pubs South Bookstore Now Open 24/7!

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Good Luck Player!

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